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June 14, 2012


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Miami Custom Jewelry

That sounds fantastic! Not to mention rather Star Trek-y, lol.

-John Thalmann

sprout watches reviews

Rubber B is the first company to design a customized range of rubber straps to perfectly fit specific Rolex watch models, perfect for individuals with active lifestyles,looking for a unique alternative to metal bracelets and leather straps.

Wilmer Geraci

Well, even though Rolex had made this change to their design and material, I think their previous designs are still the brand's most distinctive, especially those watches that have steel straps as their band. But it's still a good change, though. It's Rolex after all.

Thelma Bowman

I can't wait to see an example of this rubber strapped Rolex. Do you have any pictures of it here? It is rather awkward though, because the Rolex is famous for its steel strapped luxury watches. Well, Rolex has never disappointed its customers, and I know this will be one of their top notch products out there in the market.

Hal Martin's Watch & Jewelry Co.

You can see a video of these Rubber b Straps here:


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